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Bulk SMS Service

For many start-up businesses, marketing their products and services offerings can be taken as an extravagant affair. But, these businesses need to market more to make their presence felt in the market. In this scenario, the bulk SMS service can help and engage more customers. If marketing your products is the only mean you are looking for, then RL Tech Solution can help you and offer you the perfect bulk SMS service. We will help you to send notifications, reminders, alerts, marketing campaigns, and confirmation too.

Whether you want to reach to your prospective clients or just want to connect with the people who believe in your brand, our bulk SMS service can make these efforts easier. Our company would help you to reach your target audience and convert your leads. We utilize a response-based mechanism to make sure that if your potential customers are engaged somewhere else.


What Are the Features of Bulk SMS Service?

·         Two-Way SMS chat the facility is available.

·         Sending messages online is allowed.

·         SMS distribution list is shown

·         Email to SMS Gateway is possible.

·         SMS Software for Windows and Mac systems

·         SMS Gateway application programming interface.