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Voice SMS

Sending voice SMS is an interesting marketing choice to engage the potential customers and make them feel valued. RL Tech Solution can assist you in sending the right voice SMS to market your products in a lucrative manner. With the help of pre-recorded messages, our company will help you to reach your customers and easily market your products or service offerings. The best part of sending a voice SMS is that the customers are allowed to take up or hang up the call depending on their choices.

We ensure you that voice SMS is the best method to keep your customers engaged. Many times, customers prefer to ignore your call or not responding on time, it is very likely that they will connect to you when they need your services. Besides, we will also render full support to let you coordinate with your specific voice call service provider for signing up a redialling feature for better usage.

Why Voice SMS Services Are Great for Marketing?

·         Pay only for answered call only

·         Fixed time operating and all nation coverage

·         Unlimited caller ID available

·         Schedule voice call and automatic repeat call is possible.

·         Separate the panel is available and live billing is facilitated.

·         Consolidated and number wise extensive report.